Loleza RZ F1 – Yellow Habanero Pepper Seed (1,000 Seeds)

Yellow Habanero, African Hot Pepper with uniformity and vigour for outdoor and indoor production. 


  • For outdoor and indoor production
  • Upright growth habit
  • High uniformity and vigour
  • Blocky fruit shape with attractive yellow colour when mature
  • Nice light green fruit colour when immature
  • Average fruit length of fruits of 5 cm and weight of 9 gr
  • Aromatic, high pungency fruits
  • Maturity in about 69 days after transplanting
  • Good continuation which makes it adapted for long cycles


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Loleza RZ F1 is a high-yielding, habanero hot pepper seed variety from Rijk Zwaan. This African Hot Pepper variety easily sets fruits, and highly suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.  The fruits are highly pungent with an excellent aroma and an attractive yellow colour.

Loleza RZ is amazing in terms of its productivity, quality, and quantity. Its plant has an upright growth habit with a good continuation. This makes it adapted for long cycles of cultivation. It produces blocky-shaped fruits with an attractive yellow colour when mature. The immature fruits are light green in colour. 

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