Saaf Fungicide:

Active Ingredients: Carbendazim 12% Mancozeb 63% WPSEEDFORTH/UPL- saaf-fungicide

  • Mode Of Action : Contact and Systemic action
  • Crops : Groundnut, Fruits, Vegetables, Rice
  • Target Diseases: Leaf Spot, Rust, Blast
  • Recommended dose/acre : 300-400 gm/acre

Saaf is a systemic and contact fungicide that is used to prevent Leaf Spot, Blast disease and Rust disease in all vegetable plants. It is highly effective in preventing these diseases and as a systemic fungicide, it can protect crops over a long period of time.



Ridomil MZ

Active Ingredients: Metalaxyl-M 40g/KgMancozeb 640g/Kg WGSeedforth - Fungicide-ridomil-gold-mz-68-wg

Mode of Action: Contact and Systemic action

Target diseases:Late blight and downy mildew diseases

Crops: Potatoes, grapes, tobacco, vegetables, citrus, tomatoes, soybeans, turf and ornamental

Recommended dose: 2.5kg / ha

Metalaxyl-M is a systemic fungicide which is rapidly taken up by the green plant part( within 30 min.) transported upwards in the sap stream and is distributed thus provides control of fungi from within the plant. Mancozeb provides a protective film over plant surfaces thus prevents germination of the spores.