Seedforth Agro as the sole representative of Novagric Spain ( is proud to introduce the APRKit 336 Greenhouse. This greenhouse kit is a solution for new and professional growers that has been adapted to suit our environmental parameters providing farmers with improved conditions for the cultivation of various greenhouse crops.


  • High production and performance of the crop
  • Top quality greenhouses – manufactured in Spain to meet European standard
  • More efficient use of inputs in irrigation, fertigation and hydroponics
  • Better pests, weeds and disease control
  • Designed for all kinds of crops & adaptable to every weather condition
  • Ensures development of plants through the year
  • Easy installation and greenhouse maintenance
  • Exceptional value for money!
Greenhouse Kit

APR336 Greenhouse Kit

APR336 Greenhouse kit has the following options:

  1. Greenhouse Model APRKit 336
  2. Crop wires & Growth Support – Including ropes & clips
  3. Irrigation/Fertigation System with Electro pump


This greenhouse kit is a chapel type greenhouse with a total growing area of 336m2

Total Growing Area 336m2
No of Modules 1
Width 8m
Lenght 42m
Gutter’s Height 2.8m
Anteroom Size 13.8m2


Material are made with the following characteristics:

  • Pillars,Arches,ProfilesandBars: Manufactured in welded galvanized pipes coming from galvanized coils under UNE-EN 10142:2001 norm. Steel type Fe P02G.
  • Screws and bolts: Bi-chrome steel, under DIN rules and with a superficial treatment of quality “DeltaProtektKL-100”, which provides a treatment for a high resistance against rusty.

The Materials of this Greenhouse Structure (Pillars, Arches, Profiles, Bars, Screw and Bolts) are of high quality and viability. Provider companies are certified according to international norms UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008.


All materials required for the trellising installation are included in this offer:

  • Galvanized steel wire Ø3mm
  • Front tube and fittings
  • Wire height: 2.40m from the ground

Also included are the elements needed to guide plants during their growth:

  • Clips
  • Crop growth thread

3.1   Irrigation Pipes and Drip Lines

APRKit 336 IrrigationSystem

APRKit 336 IrrigationSystem

3.2   Fertigation Equipment

3.3   Irrigation Pump

3.1 Irrigation Pipes and Drip Lines

The system is composed of tertiary pipesmade of PE PN-4 with Ø 32 mm, fed from one end, 8 m long, where driplines pipes are fed.

The dripping materials have the following characteristics: 
It is recommended to place 5 doubles lines of crops, separating from each other 1.80 m and the ones on the bands placed 40 cm from this.

3.2 Fertigation Equipment

This helps with the injection of fertilizers in a simple and easy way and has the following components:

  • Filtration equipment with manual cleaning
  • Pressure gauges
  • General valve

3.3 Irrigation pump

This comes in two options of either gasoline or electric powered. The pump powers the irrigation/fertigation and ensures no part of the greenhouse is deprived of needed water and nutrients at the perfect pressure.

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Irrigation Electro-pump

Gasoline Powered Irrigation Pump

Gasoline Powered Irrigation Pump