Agronomy Training

Agronomy Training

Greenhouse Farming is a novel system of Agriculture in this part of Africa where there is a dearth of practical technical expertise in this field of agriculture. In light of this, SEEDFORTH AGRO offers you the unique opportunity to leverage on our wealth of experience in greenhouse vegetable cultivation.

Our Technical Course on Greenhouse Vegetable Production is a 3-day intensive programme (consisting of classroom, practical and field sessions) which will take you through the critical elements of greenhouse cultivation of vegetables with emphasis on the cultivation of tomato, hot pepper, sweet pepper, or cucumber. Our agronomy training will also equip you with the knowledge to either grow under hydroponics (soilless) or in soil culture.

With our experienced Agronomists ready to impact their knowledge, our agronomy training course has been designed to be practical, applicable and relevant for both new and old growers, including agribusiness enthusiasts.

Course Modules in this programme include:

  • Greenhouse Systems & Vegetable Farming
  • Vegetable Plant Biology & Cultivation Requirements
  • Good Agronomic Practices
  • Technological Farming Techniques (Soil & Hydroponics)
  • Pest & Disease Management Strategies
  • Greenhouse Preparation, Safety & Equipment Maintenance
  • Post-Harvest Processing